Technology Certification Process (TCP)

In terms of the SITA Regulations paragraph 10.4 and National Treasury Practice Note 5 of 2009, SITA must conduct standard certification in respect of goods and/or services.

In support of this, SITA invites OEMs and/or legal entities representing brands to submit their product ranges for certification. This initiative will be done independently of any tender process, and is implemented in support of Government transversal contracts or other period contracts. OEM partners (resellers) will submit bids as part of a tender process, but no technology or product evaluation will form part of the tender process.

Technology certification will be done solely in conjunction with OEMs/brand representatives as part of the Technology Certification Process (TCP). The logos below indicate the product brands that have engaged SITA in terms of the TCP.

Technology domains addressed by the TCP include, but are not restricted to:

Personal Computing Devices: Desktop PCs, Mobile PCs, Desktop displays, and Mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones, eReaders)

Peripherals: Printers, Multifunction devices, Scanners, Digital cameras, Auto-ID (Barcoding, Card devices), Optical storage (DVD duplicators), Small peripherals and Consumables

Assistive Technologies: Assistive devices and software for people with disabilities, including smart devices (tablets, PDAs, readers, media players, recorders and braille devices), peripherals (input and output devices), assistive software enabling access and speech (AAC), and skills development and learning aids for users with disabilities

Education Solutions: Classroom solutions, including PCs, laptops, tablets, presentation and teaching devices, and infrastructure hardware and software, and computers for e-Sports

Audiovisual Communications Technologies (AVCT): Video and audio conferencing, large-format display devices (projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards and display walls), collaboration, media recording, speech processing, and AV signal control and management

Surveillance & Access Control (CCTV): CCTV systems, mobile surveillance and physical access control solutions, including IP cameras, mobile cameras, UAVs, storage and recording devices, video management systems and control room solutions

Servers & Storage: Servers (Rack-mount, Tower, Blade), Primary storage and Secondary storage (Disk to Disk, Tape and Archiving)

Networking: Ethernet switches (LAN), Wireless LAN, Routers (WAN), Backhaul, Structured cabling (copper and fibre-optic)

Infrastructure: UPS, Equipment Racks, Generators, Cable ducting, trenching and routing

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity products and solutions (ISS - information system security)

The Technology Certification Process will be conducted on a continuous basis and will seek to include new OEMs, products and/or categories as and when they enter the market.

Forms and documentation to initiate the process can be downloaded below. Technical specifications and supporting documents are available for download in the Technology Domains table at the bottom of this page.

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Documents and Forms
  Checklist Product Certification Meeting
  OEM Memorandum of Agreement (MoA)
  Checklist OEM Meeting (MoA)
  Product Certification Process Diagram
  Technology Certification Process
  Technology Certification Process for Hardware (Presentation)
  Research report: TCO Considerations vs Retail Stores
  Presentation: TCO Considerations vs Retail Stores


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