Corporate Profile

As the lead IT agency for the State, SITA has been at the forefront of IT in government to providing responsive and relevant ICT products; services and solutions to government as its shareholder. Within its mandate; a core pillar of the organisation is to leverage economies of scale to cost-effectively procure IT goods and services; and to set standards for security and interoperability in government implementation of core ICT programmes.

SITA has been despite all challenges; a key enabler for improved ICT performance and its footprint and legacy can be found in many government systems and key services. Its state-of-the-art Next Generation network (NGN) and the Network Operation Centre (NOC) supports government as an ICT backbone of the country.

SITA is transforming into a high-performance and customer-centred organisation with a new and relevant value proposition that delivers services and products agilely while ensuring inclusivity for SMME’s; while always ensuring alignment to government’s national developmental agenda.