Corporate Social Responsibility

i. CSR Programmes

Working through partnerships with government and the civil society, SITA as part of its business philosophy is committed to harness its core competencies and resources in contributing to sustainable development primarily through deployment of information and communications technology (ICT) and any other initiatives which support both business and developmental objectives; creating the agency for change at a community level in response to the socio-economic challenges notably poverty, unemployment and inequality.

To ensure alignment, the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) has aligned its CSR initiatives to the National Development Plan, the government outcomes and the various programmes of actions of government as expressed in the Medium Term Strategic Framework with the stated goal to contribute to the building of the ICT literate (and skilled) communities that can readily participate in the knowledge economy and benefit from the digital society.

With its specific interventions designed to make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities and groups previously disadvantaged by apartheid and other policies of separate development, the SITA aims to develop and empower the identified beneficiaries by directing its CSR spending predominantly at community based initiatives focusing on:

  • Education & training
  • ICT related initiatives
  • Job creation and entrepreneurship
  • Gender empowerment and ICT women in leadership undertakings
  • Environmental education and conservation
  • Youth Development Programmes in support of quality education and decent employment