Architecture, Standards and Specifications

Service Service Definition Service Features
Enterprise Architecture Provide Enterprise Architecture service using internationally recognised best practice frameworks (TOGAF and GWEA).
  • Ensuring compliance with the regulatory prescripts regarding ICT Planning.
  • Enabling achievement of customer performance objectives through optimal
  • enabling of its business processes within an efficient ICT environment.
  • To evolve existing information systems, acquiring new information systems and
  • renewing ICT products that will optimise the value to the business.
  • Improve accountability of customers over the ICT systems and technology (assets).
Solution Development Provide Solution and Application Development that aligns to customer specific businessrequirements underpinned by internationally recognised best practice frameworks and quality standards.
  • Solution Development
  • Solution Testing
  • Solution Integration
IT Governance Provide ITY Governance services that enable customers compliance with internationallyrecognised IT Governance Frameworks (COBIT and SA Government Corporate Governance of ICT Policy Framework)
  • Creating awareness of IT Governance and CoBIT as a supporting IT Governance framework
  • Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Establishing IT Governance Responsibility and Accountability
  • IT Governance roadmap development
  • Establishment of IT governance bodies
  • Development of IT governance framework and process
  • Monitor IT Governance using IT Balance Scorecard
  • Implementation of IT Governance Capability Maturity assessment recommendations
  • IT Governance quality assurance
IT Strategy Development Provide ICT strategy development and implementation services required to manage and directall IT resources in line with the government departmental business strategy and priorities.
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Strategy Articulation
  • Business Architecture Articulation
  • IT Projects & Spend Analysis
  • ICT organisation Assessment
  • ICT Service Provider Assessment
  • Business ICT alignment
  • Strategic ICT plan
  • Strategic ICT management
  • IT Governance Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Implementation Plan
Independent ICT Advisory Provide consulting services to address specific business challenges in a cost effectivemanner using international best practices, frameworks and standards.
  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Desktop research
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Advisory
  • Project closure
ICT Plan Development Provide customer support in the development of ICT Plans ensuring alignment betweenthe organisations strategic business direction and its ICT investment business decisions.
  • Business discovery
  • Assessment of current ICT landscape
  • ICT capabilities and performance
  • Defining the target ICT capabilities
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Strategic ICT planning / implementation roadmaps
  • Strategic ICT management awareness
  • ICT Implementation planning
  • ICT Operational Planning