SITA Effective Panel contracts

The following contracts are available to all government departments, parastatals and organs of state to procure from of through SITA.

No RFx No Contract title / Commodity End Date
1 RFB 1626 Training Providers Database Month to Month
2 RFA 2134 Panel for the Provision of Information Technology Assurance Services, Internal Audit and Risk Management Services, Forensic Audit Services and Supply Chain Management Audit Services to the State Information Technology Agency for a period of three (3) years.  2023-10-22
3 RFA 1880 Panel for Provision of Network Connectivity 2025-07-15
4 RFB 829 Accreditaion for appointment of external Legal Firms to provide Professional Legal Assistance to SITA on "as and when is required" basis for a period of three (3) years. 2024-09-30
5 RFA 2168/2019 Panel of Service Providers for LAN Cabling for a period of 36 months 2024-10-09
6 RFA 2214/2020 RFA 2214-2020 Request For Approval To Create Bidder Accreditation Panel For SAPS Global System For Mobile Communications (GSM) And Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Router Solution To Be Used In Remote Sites And Mobile Vehicles For A Period Of Three (3) Years. 2024-05-22
7 RFA 2306/2020 Accreditation of service providers for the supply, installation and configuration of closed-circuit television and access control systems for the government with maintenance and support for a period of five (5) years. 2026-02-28
8 RFA 2501-2021 RFA 2501-2021: Accreditation of service providers to a panel for the design, supply, installation, support and maintenance of Unified Communication (UC), Video Conferencing solutions (VC) and services with SITA and on behalf of Government Departments for a period of three (3) years. 2025-04-07
9 RFA 845 Appointment of External Firms to provide ICT Services to SITA on an "as and when is required" basis. 2025-03-25
10 RFA 2251-2020 Request for establishment of a panel of Research and Academic institution to satisfy the immediate and future research equipment in line with the strategic and operational initiatives of SITA and Government for a period of 36 months. 2025-01-30
11 RFB 2313-2020 Request to establishment a panel of Service Providers for the disposal of Fixed Assets for SITA for a period of five (5) years. 2026-04-30
12 RFA 928 Request for a panel of suppliers to migrate SITA clients’ applications, databases and servers to the Government Private Cloud Eco-System (GPCE) for a period not exceeding 36 months. 2025-02-15
13 RFA 2494-2021 Accreditation of Service Providers to a panel for the Supply, install and configure the Information Security Products and Services, including software licenses to SITA for and on behalf of Government for a period of five (05) years. 2027-10-07
14 RFA 952-2021 Accreditation of service providers to a panel to provide support, maintenance and installation for end user computing (EUC) infrastructure for a period of three (3) years. 2026-05-30