SITA SOC Ltd. - The “pillars” of government’s ICT House of Value which encapsulates SITA’s mandate signify the principles that must guide the value that the organisation should contribute to the public sector ICT acquisition. Accordingly, SITA is leveraging economies of scale to provide cost effective service (i.e. use collective purchasing power of departments to negotiate lower unit prices from industry)

SITA has transformed it procurement functionality into a Supply Chain Management (SCM) operating and capability model. The deployment of a fully automated Supply Chain process going forward will enhance processes and people skills to support the supply chain environment. SITA is committed to work closer with the ICT industry in an attempt to foster and grow the industry at large as well as create a common understanding of some of the goals SITA seeks to achieve as an agency on behalf of government.  

The SCM process within SITA has a strong emphasis on improved turnaround times, greater efficiency and value creation to all stakeholders. Additionally, there will be a shift towards visible participation of SMME in government ICT related business within their own local communities.


SITA’s response to COVID-19

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