SITA Supplier Registration

Kindly take cognisance that the SITA supplier database system is under construction and the site will be down until completion.

This is due to changes in the legislation and regulations relating to Vendor Management.

In future SITA will follow a set of criteria and not just register vendors randomly:

  1. SITA will advertise in National newspapers and the Government bulletin (Region, commodity, classification)
  2. Supplier vetting
  3. Ezeedex (will obtain and manage mandatory documents)
  4. Pending on the above, a vendor will be added or made inactive if not used in a financial year. If in the next term one is awarded a bid, one will first go through the step 2+3 before being made active.
  5. An automated notification will be generated by the system regarding the supplier status (active/inactive).

Nota Bene: In the meantime, No Supplier may be refused simply because they are not on the SITA database. They should be evaluated like everyone else, their details must be given to supplier master for processing as per above process and prior to awarding the BID, verification will be done to establish if bidder passed the Vetting process.

Enquiries contact: Ellaraine Murray 012 482 2151 or Siphelele Tiyo 012 482 2329 or Manager: Tinus Lourens 012 482 2941